Sunday, October 7, 2012

Miss O’ Makes Book

Dear Readers,

About two months ago, no, it was probably June, or May, which is to say longer ago than a writer should admit, your very own Miss O’ was approached by a colleague in the Design Department of her publishing job about doing a book. This colleague, Magda, said, in her delightful Polish accent, “Hello, dear, I have an idea.” Magda makes eBooks, and hadn’t I talked about making a book of my Facebook status updates, and didn’t I have an artist friend who might like to illustrate it? And wouldn't I like to do that book right away so Magda could build her portfolio?

So it’s October, and Lisa DiPetto has finished the cover and created the illustrations, and your Miss O’ is finishing up the sixth and final version of the manuscript this week to send out to Magda for set-up on Amazon. And at least in time for Christmas, you could have your very own Miss O’ book about New York City life (title to come, and no politics!), to upload onto a Kindle for $1.99.

So that’s a long way of explaining why there is no blog this week.

We blame the eBook…and the fucking presidential debate. (Jesus GOD what was that?)

Kisses to all! Make art!
Miss O’

The author poised at Storm King Art Center under 
"Suspended" by Menashe Kadishman.
Photo by Frances Storey.